4 Behaviors To Reduce The Risk Of Breast Cancer

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4 Behaviors To Reduce The Risk Of Breast Cancer

Breast cancer is the most common cancer in Thai women. Whether it’s a small or large cup girl, no one would want it to happen. Even today the exact cause of breast cancer is unknown. But found that there are many risk factors contributing to the disease. One of them is our unhealthy lifestyle habits.  

With today’s fast-paced lifestyle, many people live their lives at risk. neglect to take care of yourself and accustomed to behaviors that destroy health Wouldn’t it be better if we turned to health care and change our own lifestyle habits? to reduce the risk of breast cancer by ยูฟ่าเบท

Behavior reduces the risk of breast cancer.

The following small lifestyle and eating habits can help prevent or reduce the risk of breast cancer.

Adjust behavior to be a clean girl

Diet is an important factor contributing to cancer. If you often eat grilled meat, shabu-shabu, grilled pork that gets burnt and charred, try to adjust your eating habits to become a homeopathic line. Focus more on soy protein and soy products in moderation. Because isoflavones (lsoflavones ) found in soy have a structure similar to estrogen (Estrogen), it can bind to estrogen receptors in the body. 

Research supports that people who eat a lot of this type of food have a lower incidence of cancer. Especially breast cancer and ovarian cancer.  Food sources that can contain a lot of this substance, such as tofu, soybeans, fermented soybeans, soy milk, boiled soybeans, soy milk. The “clean” line is not just a temporary eating trend. But it also has a good effect on preventing long-term disease ever.

Being an active, fit girl 

Any woman who starts having problems with being overweight should be careful about this. Obesity is another factor that develops breast cancer that can occur during menopause. Because breast tissue in obese people can respond well to the stimulation of estrogen hormones (Estrogen), thereby contributing more to the development of breast lumps. 

exercise Consistently helps prevent overweight and obesity. By changing activities on free days that do not often move the body to move together a bit, maybe walk faster , go for a run in the morning Or do yoga after work. These little activities will help keep the body healthy. Other complications are prevented and stress is relieved. It also helps the girls look more beautiful.

Avoid secondhand smoke

It’s not just smokers who are at risk. But it also counts for secondhand smoke from those around you who smoke as well. These carcinogens are within our reach. Whether it’s a smoking zone in a parking lot in a department store, restaurant, or even someone close to the seat next to you. 

Although smoking is not the main cause of breast cancer, the chemicals in cigarettes It contains many carcinogenic substances that can quickly penetrate into the blood vessels, tissues and brain. We unknowingly receive carcinogens and may later develop into cancer cells. 

You can choose, please don’t drink. 

Alcohol , beer  , or any type of alcoholic beverage can also increase your risk of breast cancer if you drink too much per day. Because ethyl alcohol (Ethyl Alcohol) or ethanol (Ethanol) found in alcohol is considered a carcinogen in humans that stimulates cancer cells in the breast more than those who do not drink. 

It’s best to limit your daily intake to no more than 1 standard unit for women and 2 standard units for men. Which is easily equivalent to a can of beer (360 milliliters).  

Familiar habits that are commonly practiced may have a bigger impact on breast health than you think. Because having cancer is not just a matter of luck that many people like to talk about. But behavior can play an important role in developing the disease. lifestyle adjustments in their own daily lives take care of food make your mind clear and exercise. To ready to take risks in the future should be better than sitting in pain later.