4 tips for applying foundation before makeup 

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4 tips for applying foundation before makeup Don’t let acne invade until you lose your confidence.

Girls who love make- up know. That applying foundation is one of the reasons why acne often appears on the face. Therefore, in order not to make up every day. Which must be applied with foundation every time Causing acne to invade the face until the confidence is lost, so we took 4 tips to apply foundation before makeup for girls. I have taken it to try to follow. Each method that we share today helps prevent or reduce the chances of acne quite well at https://ufabet999.com

1. Apply foundation little by little. Do not wave thickly.

Ladies should remember this well that foundation should applie little by little. Apply each point and spread it all over, gradually go down one point at a time until it’s all over the face. And do not apply thick foundation, even if the girls do it to cover up the acne. Because of the thick foundation that full form will result in the skin suffocating Because the foundation clogs the pores and is firmly embedded deep enough. It’s also difficult to wash off. Until it can cause clogged acne to follow So keep in mind that the correct application of foundation before makeup is to apply it little by little and never apply it in a thick layer.

2. Use cleansing to wipe clean makeup.

Every time before washing your face with cleanser. It is recommended that you should always wipe your makeup with cleansing first. Because of the use of cleansing wipes that make-up can be wiped deeply Especially the foundation that is attached to the face first. in makeup will be completely wiped off without sticking or leaving stains that may cause clogging Which is why it is easy to cause acne.

3. Use toner to wipe every time after washing your face.
after the girls Wipe off makeup with cleansing. Then wash your face with cleanser. Don’t forget to use a toner after washing your face every time. because the toner will help wipe away the dirt that may remain completely Also, wiping your face with toner after washing your face. It also adjusts the skin condition accordingly. It also prepares the skin for applying the skin cream in the next step as well.

4. If you have acne, you should apply acne medicine before washing your face.
In the case of girls with acne, it is recommended to apply acne medication 5-10 minutes before washing your face, which will help drive clogged acne to emerge and not cause clogging under the skin. For applying the medicine to dissolve acne before washing your face. This will cause the remaining makeup to come off at the same time. That is to reduce the chances of recurring acne quite well.

Any girl who enjoys doing makeup Don’t forget to apply foundation properly. and should always focus on cleaning the face as well Especially for wiping cosmetics thoroughly clean. It will help reduce the chances of acne as well. Which, when the face of girls without acne, will surely increase their confidence in makeup.