Argentina beating Croatia 3-0 to advance to the first team.

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Argentina qualified for the 2022 World Cup final after beating Croatia 3-0 in a football game. That Lionel Messi and Julian Alvarez performed brilliantly.

World Cup 2022 semifinals

Argentina 3 – Croatia 0

Venue: Luzail Iconic Stadium, Luzail 

Argentina are without Marcos Agunha and Gonzalo Montel, who are suspended. But their attack line-up is led by Lionel Messi and Julian Alvarez. While Croatia are led by Luka Modric. In which this pair last met in the 2018 World Cup Croatia defeated 3-0 in a decisive victory. 

The game started in the 16th minute. Croatia had a chance first from a corner kick that Josip Yuranovic allowed for Dejan Lovren to get a header but didn’t go into the box UFABET 

25 minutes Argentina have some chances. Enzo Fernandez receives the ball from Alexis Mac Allister before rocking a shot in front of the penalty area. The ball fell to the ground before Dominic Livakovic had to exert force to smash it out after.

The Blue White Army came to the penalty spot in the 32nd minute. Julian Alvarez had a stroke that slipped into the penalty area before the ball flew away from Dominic Lewakovic. So it turned out that Lewakovich made a full foul. The decision was blown as a penalty, Lionel Messi took charge of the shot and did not miss giving Argentina a 1-0 lead. 

The White and Blue Army escaped 2-0 from a counterattack in the 39th minute. Julian Alvarez had the ball dragged from his own territory until he entered the penalty area for the Croatian team Josip Yuranovic and Borna Sosa tried to block it. But the ball still bounced into Alvarez’s way. 

At the end of the first half, in the 42nd minute, Argentina almost got it again from a corner kick where Mac Allister had headed the first post. But Dominic Lewakovich was afraid to save, narrowly preventing the Croat army after more. 

In the second half.

Croatia made immediate adjustments, sending attackers Nikola Vlasic and Mirslav Orcic in place of Mario Pasalic and Borna Sosa. And then had to make another change five minutes later. When Marcelo Brozovic an important midfielder was injured. And could not play Bruno Petkovic played instead. 

The White Army almost got it again in the 58th minute. Lionel Messi made a one-two hit with Enzo Fernandez before catching and shooting with a narrow left corner. But Livacovic closed a good corner to protect it.

Argentina escaped 3-0 in the 69th minute from the excellence of Messi who got the ball on the right before escaping from Yoshko Guardiol to the end of the back line before paying softly to Julian Alvare. H shoots with the right into it easily. 

Croatia had some chances in the 78th minute from Mirslav Orcic to get the ball in front of the penalty area before curling with the right. but the ball flew out after 

The rest of the time, Croatia seems to accept the condition, the main body like Luka Modric was taken off to rest in the 81st minute, despite trying to continue the ball to win a consolation goal. but did not succeed 

In the end, Argentina secured a 3-0 victory over Croatia to advance to the final as the first team faces the winner of France vs Morocco on Sunday, Dec.