Arteta talks about Ben White leaving England camp.

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Arsenal boss Mikel Arteta has spoken out about Ben White departure from the England camp at the World Cup in Qatar.

That was after White returned to action for the Gunners’ 2-1 friendly win over AC Milan on Tuesday.

White, 25, is part of Gareth Southgate’s Roaring Lions squad for an adventure in Qatar. But he left before the last 16 win over Senegal for personal reasons.

Shocking reports have claimed that White had to return home due to a dispute with Southgate’s right-hand man, Steve Holland. UFABET As well as an unacceptable attitude by the entire team.

White has returned to spend time with Arsenal in a training camp in Dubai. And Arteta has recently spoken out about his players leaving the England squad.

“So delighted (to have him back), everyone is so supportive. And much love to him.” said Arteta.

“We know the reason for his departure from the camp. We are glad to have him back. And he looks very fit.

“I spoke to every player at the World Cup, not just with Ben. But with every player who tried to give support when needed.”

Asked about news White’s character played a role in his exit from the England camp. Arteta added: “We can’t control that.

“I know who Ben is, what he wants. how is his personality And how happy we are all to have him in the team.