Dalic urges Croatia to concede penalty to change game.

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Croatia national team coach Zlatko Dalic Disapproved when the team conceded the first goal penalty. That changed the football game before losing to Argentina 0-3.

Croatia missed out on another chance to reach the final after being thrashed 3-0 by Argentina in the semis. last Tuesday The important turning point occurred in the 34th minute when the White Blue Army received a penalty.

At this moment, Julian Alvarez ran for a long ball before falling alone, touching Dominic Lewakovic, and then having a collision until falling down, Italian referee Daniele Orsato pointed out. UFABET It was a penalty for Argentina before Lionel Messi made it 1-0. 

Dalic said after the game: “We played well for the first half hour. But we are not seasoned enough in our rhythm. We conceded a very questionable goal. Starting from the moment of the corner kick with the reaction of my players. But the referee doesn’t mind.”

“Then it was a penalty stroke. To be honest it’s pretty light and easy. Then we tried to come back and conceded the second goal. we can hold the ball But did not create an opportunity to inform.

“The first goal (penalty) changed the direction of the game. They were in control of the game over Croatia and possession of the ball was not in our control.