Regional Differences in Blackjack Etiquette.

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Does blackjack etiquette vary from one country to another? The main points that we have covered here are valid wherever you play this card game. However, there are some differences you will see blackjack etiquette if you play in various parts of the world.

Perhaps the most important is around tipping. In American casinos, the dealers rely on tips to boost their wages. Players in the US typically pay around 1%-2% of their win in tips. Although this is a personal decision. You might want to take into account how often you have won as well as how good or entertaining their service is UFABET 

In Asian casinos there is no tipping culture and if you do this it might be considered as offensive. When playing in Europe, tipping can be done discreetly but isn’t as widespread as in America. Casino tipping wasn’t allowed in the UK until 2005. Some players will tip while others don’t.

Should you speak to other blackjack players? Some casino-goers will chat to others and ask for advice. While others won’t. Don’t make suggestions if no one has asked you for advice. Equally you should avoid making any comments that could put others off or cause offen.