Ronaldo gang cheered Messi to world championships.

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ITV Sports analysts Roy Keane and Gary Neville praised Argentina captain Lionel Messi for his performance. In the 3-0 semi-final against Croatia to reach the 2022 Football World Cup final deserve to be champion. At this event former team-mate Cristiano Ronaldo would have looked in the eyes.

 Messi just conjured up a penalty , two assists as Albi Celeste entered his second World Cup final since 2014.

This event, the 9- out of 10 performance of the 35 year old star kicked in the eyes of two experts very much crowd support to reach the dream land. It was a different attitude than towards Cristiano. A former Manchester United team-mate, because that person was chanted.  

“ The door is the hour of genius. ” Neville began UFABET 

“ The World Cup Final is a task to be won and now Messi is the one who will carry the team to that point. ”  

“ He was also surrounded by 10 guards who swept through it. One of the best supporters in the tournament. They keep growing along the way. ” 

On the side of ‘ Kino ‘ , who usually doesn’t support anyone. He also accidentally congratulates the owner of the 7 -time Ballon d’Or saying that. Messi deserves to be world champion.  

“ What we watch live through our eyes. He does it on all quality players. And do it all year. ”said the former Manchester United captain .  

“ I hope you go on to win the world title. It would be the peak to watch. The match against the Netherlands until the end of the day was exhausted but still managed to win. ” 

Messi has now accumulated 11 goals , eight assists in the World Cup finals. Surpassing Gabriel Batistuta in the first record and Diego Maradona in the latter Best ever Argentine player.