Former player insists ‘Ayew’ should not be red

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Dermot Gallagher, former Premier League player, insists Jordan Ayew, Crystal Palace winger. Should not have been sent off twice in the 2-1 defeat to Liverpool. While Aston Villa defeated Arsenal 1-0. There was no doubt about the decision in

the Premier League. Last week there were problems from the first match on Saturday. Ayew cut off the game in the middle of the field and was dismiss by Andy Madeley, who took out a second yellow card. It was a turning point for the “Reds” to overtake and win. Roy

Hodgson, the home team’s manager, including Gary Neville and Peter Crouch, all disagreed with the decision and Gallagher, who took on the role of guru, thought the same. together

“I don’t think it’s enough that Ayew received a second yellow card,” the referee, who served between 1992 and 2007, said mid-show.

“The only reason I can think of. It was the referee on the field who saw that Ayew’s foul cut off an offensive game that had a high tendency to concede goals. Which in fact does not fall under the category of such a moment.”

Another pair of problems, “The Gunners” demanded a penalty when Gabriel Jesus was hit by Douglas Luiz on the ankle.

But Jarred Gillet allowed him to continue playing. With VAR confirming,

“I don’t think it was a penalty. The two are just intertwined,” Gallagher said.

“The team has their criteria. It doesn’t matter whether VAR agrees or not. What is important is the referee on the field. It must have been a clear enough mistake to intervene.”

At the end of the game at Villa Park, the away team managed to send the ball into the net by Kai Havertz. But they miss out on equalizing. Because they were caught for handball, which VAR confirmed as well.

“There is no doubt that the ball hit Havertz’s arm and according to the new rules The referee did a good job blowing the handball from the start,” Gallagher confirmed, without mentioning Matty Cash’s possible handball penalty.