Umut Meler was attacked and punched

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Umut Meler, Turkish top league referee He was punched down by club president Ankaragucu before being beaten again by fans. While officiating in the 1-1 draw with Rizespor last Monday,

Ankaragucu, with ten men remaining, was equalized in the 97th minute. After the game, Melor was talking with the players, with Faruk Goca, the president. Home team Run down the field by yourself Before throwing a punch to the face, สมัคร ufabet

Mailer was hit by the force of the fist and fell to the ground. Then Ankaracu’s fans rushed after him and stomped him again. Until they had to be arrested and separated from each other. Before the 37-year-old was lifted up with a bruised face,

Risespur condemned the violence. and giving encouragement to the referee team, while Ankrakuku, the team on the team that caused the incident Used the media to express their condolences.

The Turkish authorities confirmed that many of the perpetrators had been arrested, while Goca, the leader, was preparing to be prosecuted. And the story is still so big that Recep Erdogan, the president of Turkey, has launched a move himself.

“I would like to condemn the attack on Umut Meler during the Ankrakuku vs Rizespor game this evening. We wish him a speedy recovery.”

“Sport means peace and harmony. It was never a matter of violence. And we will never let it happen in Turkey.”

Meanwhile, Galatasaray, the giant of the league. Call all clubs to attend an emergency meeting. To work together to solve the problem

so that this incident does not happen again. Mailer is one of the top players in the Turkish football industry. He used to referee games for the national team. and is also named a high-ranking referee in UEFA competitions.